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More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws by John R. Lott

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Other gun laws besides right-to-carry laws might also affect crime, and the estimates therefore take into account one-gun-a-month regulations, assault weapons bans (whether there are state bans when the federal ban is not enforced), background checks on the private transfer of guns (essentially “closing” the so-called gun show loophole), the Castle Doctrine (which absolves people of having to retreat when they are being threatened with deadly force), one-gun-a-month rules, and bans on relatively inexpensive guns (so-called Saturday night specials). These gun laws may be important for explaining changes in crime rates. But, perhaps more important, these other gun-control laws appear likely to be hot topics in the near future. Shortly after the November 2008 election, Barack Obama’s transition Web site noted that Obama and Joe Biden “support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country A D E C A D E L AT E R | 255 childproof.

Presumably if assault weapons are to be used in committing any particular crime, they will be used for murder and robbery, but the data appear more supportive of an adverse effect of assault weapons bans on murder and robbery rates. Gun Show Regulations Despite the impression created by the term gun show “loophole,” there are no different rules for buying a gun at a gun show than anywhere else.202 Gun-control groups, such as Third Way (formerly Americans for Gun Safety) identify eighteen states that have closed the loophole, but interestingly, prior to 2000, only three of these states had laws that even mentioned gun shows. So how can a state close a gun show loophole if the laws didn’t even mention the term “gun show”? The issue is really private handgun transfers. What usually constitutes “closing the loophole” is mandating background checks for private transfers of handguns.

They find that gun shows modestly reduce homicides and have no impact on suicides within twenty-five miles of the gun show.207 If their result is correct, the reduction in gun shows that I find from closing the gun show loophole may explain why closing the loophole could increase murder and robbery rates. Closing down gun shows is more likely to deprive law-abiding citizens of a relatively inexpensive source of guns than to prevent criminals from getting guns. The results in table 10.12 imply little impact from closing the gun show loophole. While murder and robbery rates appear to rise, neither increase is statistically significant. Nor is the change in aggravated assaults significant.

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Columbine by Dave Cullen

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Tom took a one-year leave of absence to serve as chief lobbyist for SAFE Colorado (Sane Alternatives to the Firearms Epidemic). They supported several bills in the Colorado legislature to limit access to guns for minors and criminals. Prospects looked good, especially for the flagship proposal to close the gun-show loophole. It was narrowly defeated in February. A similar measure bogged down in Congress. So a week before the anniversary, President Clinton returned to Denver to encourage survivors and support SAFE’s new strategy: to pass the same measure in Colorado with a ballot initiative. Colorado Republican leaders rebuked the president and refused to appear with him.

May 2, the governor and attorney general—the state’s most prominent Republican and Democrat—put the first two signatures on the petition for the Colorado ballot initiative. It required 62,438 signatures. They gathered nearly twice that many. The measure would pass by a two-to-one margin. The gun show loophole was closed in Colorado. It was defeated in Congress. No significant national gun-control legislation was enacted in response to Columbine. The season ended well. On May 20, the second class of survivors graduated. Nine of the injured crossed the stage, two in wheelchairs. Patrick Ireland limped to the podium to give the valedictory address.

Associated Press, Washington, June 14, 2007. Bortnick, Barry. “Passed/Amendment 22: Background Checks—Gun Shows.” (Colorado Springs)Gazette, November 8, 2000. “Colorado Kills Gun Laws.” Report by Vince Gonzales. CBS News, February 17, 2000. Ferullo, Michael. “Clinton Implores Colorado Voters to Take Action on Gun Show Loophole.”, April 12, 2000. Hahn, Robert A., Oleg O. Bilukha, Alex Crosby, Mindy Thompson Fullilove, Akiva Liberman, Eve K. Moscicki, Susan Snyder, Farris Tuma, and Peter Briss. “First Reports Evaluating the Effectiveness of Strategies for Preventing Violence: Firearms Laws: Findings from the Task Force on Community Preventive Services.”

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Against the Web: A Cosmopolitan Answer to the New Right by Michael Brooks

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It’s probably Harris, who genuinely does part ways with the Limbaughs and Hannities of the world on a number of core issues, who marks the difference between the IDW and the more old-fashioned right. The Stanford- and UCLA-educated neuroscientist is a warmonger and an apologist for the status quo in many ways I’ll explore as the book goes on, but he has conventionally liberal views on domestic policy issues ranging from abortion to closing the gun show loophole. He supported Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump in the 2016 election. And where Ben Shapiro naively believes that God Himself shares his attitudes toward women and Palestinians, Harris is fiercely secular. Long before there was an Intellectual Dark Web, Harris belonged to a group of intellectuals who collectively branded themselves The New Atheists.

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Parkland: Birth of a Movement by Dave Cullen

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Finally, Newtown was such a horror that gun safety advocates were sure something substantial would pass. No. That defeat felt like the death knell of hope. Polls indicated huge majorities favoring several gun reforms, but most of us went silent about them. Even raising the possibility of closing the gun show loophole or fixing the background-check system drew eye rolls and jabs about political naivete. A new assault weapons ban, or limiting large-capacity magazines, ideas heavily supported by the public, drew jeers. The NRA kept introducing new bills to weaken gun laws, and they were passing in legislatures around the country.

He soldiered on alone, later joined by hundreds affected by subsequent tragedies—and in nineteen years, he’s learned a thing or two. Though most of the crowd came out to see the Parkland kids, it was Tom Mauser’s name on so many lips as the audience drifted out. Mauser had lamented that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had gotten three of their four guns through the so-called gun show loophole. For a year, legislators failed to close that loophole, even in Colorado in the wake of the tragedy. Finally Mauser helped lead an effort to put it on the state ballot. It passed by 40 points. “If you put something reasonable in front of people, they will support it,” he said. He also cautioned that the NRA had been winning with a narrative suggesting that cities like Chicago with the most restrictive gun laws suffer the worst gun violence.

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The Way of the Gun: A Bloody Journey Into the World of Firearms by Iain Overton

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There was Ali Boumelhem, a member of Hezbollah, who was imprisoned for trying to smuggle US guns back to Lebanon. He had been buying weapons at gun shows in Michigan.66 Or Conor Claxton of the IRA, who had gone to South Florida gun shows to buy guns to smuggle back into Northern Ireland.67 Even an Al Qaeda spokesman has remarked on the gun show loophole, encouraging American jihadists to ‘go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check, and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?’68 The concern of Americans on the Mexican border, though, was not about what was going south.

And looking at crimes solely within 25 miles of a gun show ignores findings about the geography of illegal gun markets; roughly two-thirds of gun crimes are from firearms purchased out of state or far away from the scene of the deed. 66. 67. 68. Perhaps the most notable non-international case, though, was the Columbine High School massacre. The two perpetrators bought two shotguns and a Hi-Point semi-automatic from a private seller for cash at the Tanner Gun Show in Adams County, Colorado. No questions were asked, and no paperwork was filled out.

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Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell

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That he and his wife, Sarah, turned this rotten luck into the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is downright heroic. And not the soft-focus treacle that “heroic” often implies. I’m on their mailing list, and the most impressive, lovable thing about them is their rage. The last mailing I got, seeking help to close the gun show loophole laws that allow terrorists and criminals to purchase all the firearms they want as long as it’s at folding tables set up at fairgrounds, featured a letter from Jim that opens, “I’m sitting here in my wheelchair today, mad as hell, trying to control my anger,” and another one from Sarah in which she tells a story about how right after Jim was shot, her son was playing with what he thought was a toy gun in a family member’s truck, but it turned out to be real and when she learned this she stormed over to the phone and called up the National Rifle Association, telling them, “This is Sarah Brady and I want you to know that I will be making it my life’s work to put you out of business!”

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Come and Take It: The Gun Printer's Guide to Thinking Free by Cody Wilson

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The 3D printing machines will be capable of reproducing themselves. No place in the federal budget for an ATF agent in every home. Kids printing guns while their blissfully unaware parents think their young ’uns are playing on the computer. A prohibitionist is quoted as calling the Internet a permanent “gun show loophole.” And as expected, the article reproduced one of the more provocative of my public statements. From the original Wiki Weapon video: What’s great about the Wiki Weapon is it only needs to be lethal once. We will have the reality of a weapons system that can be printed out from your desk. Anywhere there is a computer, there is a weapon.

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Giving the Devil His Due: Reflections of a Scientific Humanist by Michael Shermer

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I closed with a bullet-point summation of my conclusions in “The Sandy Hook Effect,” points that I still contend are reasonable measures that both liberals and conservatives should be able to agree upon: Ban military-style assault weapons Ban high-capacity magazines (>10 bullets) Universal background check system Close the gun-show loophole Penalties for illegal gun trafficking Ban high-risk individuals from guns (convicted of violent crime, drugs, stalking, restraining orders) Ban sales to dangerous mentally ill Research funding on gun violence. My concluding slide in this debate, as it was for my Lott debates, was anodyne enough to be acceptable to most politicos: Even though we can’t do everything, we can do something to reduce the carnage of gun violence and further bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice, peace, and freedom.

The America That Reagan Built by J. David Woodard

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President Clinton sent a letter of condolence, and then flew to Colorado to personally comfort the families. The shooting ignited the gun control battle again across the nation, and the Clinton administration called for new measures to apply the Brady Gun Law prohibitions to juveniles, closing the so-called ‘‘gun show loophole’’ that allowed people to buy guns at events without a background check. Still, after all the investigations and explanations, the media reports and government bulletins, no one had any real answers for why the shooting happened. At decade’s end, some of the more cherished icons of American life lay shattered in the public eye.