Hello, I'm Edward. I build web apps, web scrapers, databases, and search engines. I reverse engineer legacy systems and data formats.

I've contributed to Wikipedia, Open Library, Wikimedia Commons, Debian, OpenStreetMap, Linux and BusyBox.

Year Conference Location Topic
2024 State of the Map attending Nairobi, Kenya OpenStreetMap
2024 FOSS4G Europe attending Tartu, Estonia Geospatial FOSS
2024 Electromagnetic Field attending Eastnor, UK Nerd stuff
2024 Mini-Debconf attending Berlin, Germany Debian
2024 Botconf attending Nice, France Botnet & Malware
2024 Wikimedia Hackathon attending Europe Wikimedia
2024 foss-north attending Gothenburg, Sweden Free software
2024 distribits attending Düsseldorf, Germany data management
2024 FOSS Backstage 2024 attending Berlin, Germany Free software
2024 CfgMgmtCamp attending Ghent, Belgium Configuration Management
2024 FOSDEM attending Brussels Free software
2023 Bsides London 2023 attending London Security
2023 Mini-Debconf attending Cambridge, UK Debian
2023 GLAMWiki attending Montevideo, Uruguay GLAM
2023 State of the Map EU attending Antwerp, Belgium OpenStreetMap
2023 Debconf 23 Kochin, India Debian
2023 FOSSY speaker Portland, Oregon Free software
2023 Pass the SALT Lille, France Security & FOSS
2023 FOSS4G speaker Prizren, Kosovo Geospatial FOSS
2023 Wikimedia Hackathon Athens, Greece Wikimedia
2023 OSM hack weekend Paris, France OpenStreetMap
2023 foss-north speaker Gothenburg, Sweden Free software
2023 FOSDEM speaker Brussels Free software
2021 WikiConference North America 2022 speaker Online Wikis
2021 Mapping USA — OpenStreetMap US speaker Online OpenStreetMap
2022 GeoPython 2022 Basel, Switzerland GeoPython
2022 Debian Hamburg Reunion Hamburg, Germany Debian
2021 Debconf 21 Online Debian
2021 Wikimania 2021 Online Wikimedia
2020 FOSDEM Online Free software
2019 WikidataCon speaker Berlin Wikidata
2019 State of the Map speaker Heidelberg, Germany OpenStreetMap
2019 Wikimania 2019 speaker Stockholm, Sweden Wikimedia
2019 FOSDEM speaker Brussels Free software
2018 Mini-Debconf Hamburg, Germany Debian
2018 FOSDEM Brussels Free software
2017 Mini-Debconf speaker Cambridge, UK Debian
2017 ORGCon London Digital rights
2017 OpenTech 2017 London Technology and democracy
2016 State of the Map Brussels OpenStreetMap
2015 Mini-Debconf Cambridge, UK Debian
2015 Debconf 15 Heidelberg, Germany Debian
2015 OpenTech 2015 London Technology and democracy
2015 FOSDEM Brussels Free software
2014 Mini-Debconf Cambridge, UK Debian
2014 Wikimania 10 Barbican, London Wikipedia
2014 Startup school London Y Combinator
2014 The Data Summit London input.io
2014 State of the Map EU Karlsruhe, Germany OpenStreetMap
2014 HackTheTownHall 2014 London Disaster preparedness
2013 Mini-Debconf Cambridge Debian
2012 Ideas Economy: Information 2012 San Francisco Big data
2012 Amigos Technology Online Conference speaker Online Library technology
2011 Books in Browsers San Francisco Internet Archive
2011 NISO E-Book Annotation Sharing and Social Reading San Francisco Books
2010 Wolfram Data Summit speaker Washington DC Wolfram Alpha
2010 Books in Browsers San Francisco Internet Archive
2009 5th COMMUNIA Workshop speaker London OKFN
2008 State of the Map Limerick, Ireland OpenStreetMap
2008 Open Library Developers Meeting San Francisco Open Library
2007 Hack Day London London Yahoo
2005 London Web Frameworks Night London Web frameworks
2005 LUG Radio Live Wolverhampton, UK Linux
2005 Wikimania 1 Frankfurt, Germany Wikipedia
2005 OpenTech 2005 London Technology and democracy
2004 Linux Expo London Linux
2004 London Perl Workshop London Perl
2003 UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference Edinburgh, UK Linux
2003 Debconf 3 Oslo, Norway Debian
2002 UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference Bristol, UK Linux
2001 Hackers at large Twente, Netherlands Hacker con
2001 Debconf 1 Bordeaux, France Debian
2001 Colorado Linux Info Quest Denver Linux
2000 Debconf 0 Bordeaux, France Debian
2000 LinuxTag Stuttgart, Germany Linux
2000 Linux Expo London Linux
1999 Linux Kongress Augsburg, Germany Linux