automation and inequality

Write a standard article about automation and the death of jobs. Fill it with the standard concepts, cite the Second Machine Age. How does automation relate to immigration.

call for basic income

The robots are coming. We need basic income.

Open borders

How do we respond to fascism. Now is the time to think radical thoughts. How about open borders?

The EU is a proto-world government, and this is a good thing.

What is the EU, a supranational institution and prototype world government.

Leaving the EU, the border with the Republic of Ireland and Schengen

Ireland should join Schengen. The UK should join Schengen, even if we leave the EU. It'll wind up the leaver campaigners.

Proving identity online

How do you prove your identity? PGP web of trust, Facebook account, GOV.UK verify, credit checking agency, letter in the post. Bitrated. Social media accounts with history. ID selfie.

Death of paper

File format for blood tests - The medical industry uses too much paper, time to move to electronic health records.

PDF is bad - Government agencies should stop publishing reports as PDFs.

Data standard for receipts - instead of bits of paper.