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    List of designers

    • [[Paul Rand]]
    • [[Markus Diebel]] and [[Joe Tan]] - missing
    • [[Scott Hanson]] should be spelt [[Scott Hansen]] - missing
    • [[Milton Glaser]]
    • [[Storm Thorgeson]] spelt [[Storm Thorgerson]]
    • [[Yves Behar]]
    • [[Tom Crabtree]] - wrong one
    • [[Bryan Chesky]] and [[Joe Gebbia]] - missing
    • [[Evan Sharp]] - missing
    • [[Charles Adler]] article at [[Charles Adler, Jr.]]

Debian developers

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Port Talbot Parkway railway station

Brooklyn Castle


  • Article is about turning things into money, not about making money from an idea.
  • Website monetization incorrectly links to monetization.
  • Maybe need a new article about idea monetization.
  • article name: monetizing business ideas


  • draw diagram for 'Straight-through processing'

Wrap rage

Stern Grove Festival


BT Home Hub 5

Uses a captive portal called Smart Setup, to install parental control software. It breaks Chromecast, can be turned off.

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MOVE in Powelton Village